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California King Tides Project

Updated: Feb 9

The California coastline along with most coastlines around the world experience extreme high tides and extreme low tides. This phenomena has been occurring for thousands of years. One of the earliest mention's of an extreme high tide is found in the story of King Canute and the Tide, by historian Henry of Huntingdon in the 12th century.

The California King Tides Project mostly focuses on the high tides (King Tides) that can rise to flood levels in some places. More attention is being paid to the King Tides due to climate change.

Click on the link below to find out more about the project:


Have you ever wondered what's on the other side of that rock that is usually blanketed by the surf? Well, along with the King Tides come the Minus Tides. With a Minus Tide, more of the beach and that rock you may have wondered about are exposed, making visible what is mostly always underneath the surf.

Click the link below to see the Bodega Bay Tide Schedule for November:


If you decide to get involved, feel free to send us pictures of your experience. Your pictures may appear in December's Harbour Tidings. It would be great to see, both, the King Tides and the Minus tides. Please submit only pics of the Bodega Bay area to bhadmin@kempersports.com.


Please read up on all safety procedures, warnings and guidelines before venturing out to any Sonoma County park and beach.

Click on the links below for safety tips and procedures:



Read all DANGER and WARNING signs such as the one below if you see them posted.

Safely and happily explore in your backyard.... The Pacific Coast.

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