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Shelter in Place Advantages


A Bluewater Bistro employee, named Alex, is very able and willing to do Costco runs, grocery store runs, and other necessary errands for stay-at-home residents that are in need of this service for any reason.

With the assistance of Congressman Jared Huffman’s staff and the cooperation of the local Postmaster, mail and other packages may also be picked up and delivered to your home with special arrangement.

This service IS NOT officially being offered through the Bodega Harbour Homeowners Association.

Our General Manager was kind enough to ask around for available staff. Payment for services and mileage will be entirely between you and Alex the delivery person. Several residents joining in for a single Costco trip will certainly be more cost-effective, so feel free to speak with neighbors and friends anywhere in the general Bodega area and help spread the word. Let’s keep our households healthy and this person’s family income needs met during this strange time in our community.

I’m providing my contact info here for general questions, particularly about Post Office pick-ups and delivery, but please contact Alex directly to discuss your delivery needs and what arrangements might work for you both.

Thank you.

Linda Hedstrom (part-time Surfbird Court resident)

Cell 707-372-4588,

Alex Melgarejo

Cell 415-747-0000,

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