Golf Course Closed or Open?

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

In the past few days several people have asked if the golf course is open or closed, and if its closed then why do they see people on the course?

The golf course is closed as mandated by the shelter in place order issued by the county and state. However, since we are a homeowners association the golf course is common area and is owned by the members therefore we are allowing members and their guests to play. The shelter in place order does not address all situations and types of businesses and being an HOA with public amenities such as golf and a restaurant puts us in a very small minority. We have requested more clarity from the county on our unique situation and golf course operations in general as several local courses are open.

In the mean time will remain closed to the public and only allow for homeowners and their guests to use the golf course. We have taken extra precautions on the course such as covering ball washers so they cannot be used and raising the cups an inch above the green. The Pro Shop is closed however we have been leaving the door open to allow for those members that are golfing to check in without having to touch anything. We have staff scheduled to marshal the course to ensure that it is being used by members and their guests only. We are requiring that if a member does bring a guest that those charges are put on the member account. We are not taking signatures or giving receipts to ensure that there is absolutely no contact. The counters and doors are cleaned several times throughout the day and staff are wearing gloves. There are no carts available for use unless you have your own. Pull carts are available and are wiped down after each use. 

As we all know this is a rapidly changing situation so what we do today could be very different from what we do tomorrow. We will do our best to keep you updated as operations change. Please stay healthy and safe.

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